Commission Nationale De Lutte Contre Le Génocide Sensitized Students And Staff Of Christian University Of Rwanda To Fight Against Tutsi Genocide Ideology

Mrs. Justine HITIMANA, a researcher from CNLG (Commission Nationale de Lutte Contre Le Génocide) sensitizes Students and staff of Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) to fight against Tutsi genocide ideology. This campaign took place at CHUR Kigali campus on Wednesday the 6th June, 2018.

Mrs. Justine encouraged participants to play their role in writing on history of Rwanda 1994 Tutsi genocide. She said that Tutsi genocide was prepared after the establishment of Whiteman (colonialist) in Rwanda. Mrs. Justine added that 1994 Tutsi genocide started early from the antecedent events which were planned to eliminate Tutsi.  

In 1957 some politicians started a “Hutu manifesto” which explained how the problem of Hutu was neither colonialism nor independent but Tutsi were the core problem.   

In 1959 HABYARIMANA Joseph Gitera wrote a manuscript called “Amategeko 10 Y’abahutu (10 commandments of Hutu)” which he thought to be a guideline of Hutu against Tutsi. The genocide ideology continued to grow after 1992 which resulted to 1994 Tutsi genocide.

 Mrs. Justine concluded saying that as the genocide ideology was spread through writings so in return students would write in order to fight against it.

Mrs. Justine HITIMANA, a researcher from CNLG lecturing CHUR students

CHUR students while participating to the training

CHUR students during CNLG training session