Dr Benjamin Mudaheranwa from Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) Called Upon To Youth to Contribute To the Development of Rwanda

On 25/5/2018, Friday afternoon in “Centre Pastoral Saint Paul” Dr Benjamin MUDAHERANWA, lecturer from CHUR called upon to youth from CHUR, Muhima sector, youth cooperatives and secondary students to play their role in the development of Rwanda.

Dr Benjamin MUDAHERANWA said that if the youth use their potential everything is achievable. “Your contribution is to participate to government’s policies and programs like: Umuganda, paying taxes… in order to develop yourselves,” Dr Benjamin added.

Innocent TURIMASO, CHUR student said that his contribution is to provide information on time on suspicious issues which could have an effect on national security.

Hon. Agnes MUKAZIBERA, Rwanda parliament member recommended private companies to provide internships to laureates according to their fields of study. This will help them to get experience required to be employed.  

Dr Benjamin MUDAHERANWA receiving answers from participants

Innocent TURIMASO, CHUR student giving his opinion

Youth exposed Made in Rwanda handcrafts.