High Education Council (HEC) visited Christian University of Rwanda for assessment.

On 01st to 3rd March 2018, High Education Council (HEC) visited Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) to monitor the adherence of norms and standards in CHUR.

On 01st to 2nd March 2018, HEC delegation visited CHUR Karongi campus in Western province where they met CHUR owners, Board of Directors, lectures, students and other CHUR staff. They also assess facilities which help CHUR to achieve its goal of providing qualitative education.

On 3rd March 2018, HEC visited Kigali campus where they evaluate facilities in place; classrooms, computer laboratories, Radio and TV studio for journalism and communication departments, etc.  They also talked to students in order to get more information about CHUR teaching method.   

Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI, Board of Trustees member welcoming HEC delegation.

Some members of HEC delegation with CHUR staff during CHUR presentation

Both Boards of Trustees and Directors during HEC assessment session.

HEC delagation at CHUR Karongi campus

CHUR staff during HEC assessment session.