Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) and Entreprise Urwibutso SINA Gérard agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding of partnership.

On 14th February 2018, Christian University of Rwanda represented by the President of the Board of Trustees Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI and Entreprise URWIBUTSO/SINA Gerard, represented by Mr SINA Gerard agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding of partnership. The agreement took place at Rulindo district, Northern Province where the Entreprise URWIBUTSO/SINA Gerard is located.

The aim of this MoU is to facilitate the students from Christian University of Rwanda, Agribusiness program to acquire practical skills and know how in the field of Crop production, Horticulture and Animal production, food chain and agro-processing, agricultural products marketing and agro-entrepreneurship. Students will have an opportunity to do their professional internship at the Entreprise URWIBUTSO/SINA Gerard.

Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI said that students from Christian University of Rwanda should know the whole agriculture process from the field preparation, crops sowing, harvest and post harvesting activities.

“We need our students to learn theories and principles, then after they have to go to the field to learn how to do business in Agriculture,” Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien added.

Gerard SINA said that, he wishes that students from his school called “College Foundation SINA Gérad” will go on their university studies in Christian University of Rwanda.  

“This partnership aims to work together, we teach secondary school and CHUR is an opportunity for our students to upgrade their knowledge up to the university level. so we don`t want our children to stop at secondary school level. They have to be graduated from the university so that we can achieve a good result that Rwandans expect from us such as agriculture and animal husbandry combined using technology. It is pleasant that the University has other sciences that our youth can learn,” SINA Gerard added.

This partnership is also an opportunity for Students of Christian University of Rwanda in faculty of Education to exercise their profession of teaching during their internships to College Foundation SINA Gérard.

Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien said that Entreprise URWIBUTSO/SINA Gerard will benefit from students of Journalism department who will collect information by doing interview to farmers on how people develop themselves by working together with SINA Gérad and his Enterprise URWIBUTSO. 

Dr. Adrie MUKASHEMA, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development at Christian University of Rwanda said that students have to become Agri-entrepreneurs after graduation. This will be realistic if we show them example of people who are now good entrepreneurs.

“That is why we agreed with SINA Gérad on partnership so that we would send students during class period and internship to put in practice what they learned in class. They have to learn from farmers that SINA Gérad are working with. This training and learning model will allow our students to graduate with ambition to be job makers instead of being job seekers.     

Entreprise URWIBUTSO, SINA Gerard will receive scientists in Agriculture and Business fields from Christian University of Rwanda to do their research in order to play their role in increasing the production as well as in introduction of new crops. They will also give some advices on how Entreprise URWIBUTSO, SINA Gerard may expand its markets and be more competitive. 

SINA Gérard explains how tomatoes agriculture is done in Green House.

Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI, SINA Gérard, Dr Adrie MUKASHEMA and Entreprise URWIBUTSO technical team in trees, vegetables and fruits nurseries. 


Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI adressing to secondary students at College Foundation SINA Gérard.


SINA Gérard  explains to Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI how Inyambo cow is kept to preserve the History of Rwanda.



Hon. Prof. Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI congratulates  Mr. SINA Gérard to have accepted the partnership with Christian University of Rwanda.